Having trouble getting started in HIFIS? Or seasoned pro that has forgotten how to do a task you haven’t done in ages? Either way, you’re in the right place! The following guides are here to help with any area of HIFIS you may be having issues with. Something not on the list? Email hifis@sjhdc.ca!


Order a Report:

Training Materials

Searching for a Client

Adding Health Issues

Adding a Conflict

Adding an Incident

Creating a Family, Known Client

Creating a Family, New Client

Updating the Housing History

Client Information-Various Factors

Updating a Client

Adding a Client

Adding a Watch Concern in HIFIS

Choosing a Consent Type

Logging into HIFIS

Login Problems?

Shelter Staff

Medication Dispensing

Call and Visits Log

Adding a Service Restriction

Recording a Turnaway, Known Client

Recording a Turnaway (Anonymous)

Booking in a Client

Case Management

Completing an SPDAT

Adding Documents to a Client File

Case Management- New Session

Case Management- New Case


Pulling a Report

Adding a Place

Creating a Broadcast

Creating a Bulletin