The Canadian Survey on Disability


The Canadian Survey on Disability (CSD) is a national survey that collects information about the lived experiences of youth and adults whose everyday activities may be limited due to a long-term condition or health-related problem. The survey collects information on the type and severity of disabilities, and touches upon a wide range of topics that provide valuable insight into the social and economic well-being of persons with disabilities.
The 2022 CSD is underway. For a review of the 2017 CSD data for New Brunswick check out:

Guiding Document – Canadian Survey on Disability 2017



In 2021, the Canadian Legal Problems Survey (CLPS) was conducted to identify the kinds of serious legal problems people face, how they attempted to resolve them, and how these experiences have impacted their lives. This survey was conducted by Statistics Canada on behalf of the Department of Justice Canada and other federal departments.

To complement the CLPS, community-based researchers were contracted to conduct a series of qualitative studies to explore and report on the experiences of specific populations in different parts of Canada who have experienced a serious legal problem. The Human Development Council was contracted to examine serious problems experienced by people who live with disabilities in Atlantic Canada, with a focus on New Brunswick. Participants were asked about the types of legal issues or other serious problems that they encountered over the past three years, what actions they took to resolve the problems and the outcomes of those efforts.

Persons with Disabilities Atlantic Canada (English)

Personnes handicapées Canada atlantique (Français)