Our Team

Randy Hatfield

Executive Director (he/him)

Trish Fleet

Office Manager (she/her)

Callie Mackenzie

UYES! Project Manager (she/her)

Chelsea Driscoll

Social Researcher (she/her)

Chris Gorman

System Planner (he/him)

Greg Bishop

Director of Strategic Initiatives (he/him)

Juanita Black

Retired ‘Around the Block’ Coordinator (she/her)

Michael MacKenzie

System Planner (he/him)

Ian Keller

Resource Specialist (he/him)

Cameron Brideau

Bilingual Resource Specialist (he/him/they/them)

Heather Atcheson

Researcher (she/her)

Kat Leblanc

HIFIS Support Specialist (she/her)

Jason Green

Veteran Connections Lead (he/him/his)

Karla Marticorena

Community Coordinator (she/her/hers)