Some exciting things underway.

Read about the life experiences and impact the UYES Carpentry program has made in the most recent graduates’ lives in this CBC article




Discovering a new career, one tiny home at a time

UYES Carpentry Program: Regan Pentz, along with HDC’s Callie Mackenzie speaks with CBC’s Julia Wright on building a tiny home through the program and some of the great benefits of participating in UYES. 


“They sometimes do fall through the cracks.”

Read the Article: The Telegraph Journal Covers the gap between the current minimum wage and a living wage, and Heather discusses the upcoming report and how inflation will play a factor. Telegraph Journal, May 14th, 2022

Jael speaks with NB Debrief on how the SCAN act works in New Brunswick, what the amendment means to change, and how it affects Tenants.


Heather Discusses the Housing Needs Focus Groups with Julia Wright on CBC Information Morning.

“City Sounds Alarm After Loss Of Homeless Shelter”

Read the Article: Chris Gorman discusses the current state of Homelessness in Saint John, and the Gap left in the community by the closure of the Stone Church shelter. Telegraph Journal, March 12th 2022



“You can make a change,  just do one little step at a time.”

Juanita Black and Kate Wallace speak with CBC’s Julia Wright on the recently released documentary – Perseverance: The Juanita Black Story.


“We need creative solutions and compassion as days reach their shortest ebb and colder nights set in-it’s no time to be sleeping rough in New Brunswick”

Read the Editorial: Telegraph Journal Covers the need for support from the city’s residents, and how we can come together as a community to find solutions. Telegraph Journal, Dec 13th 2021



“We still have another [six] to go, so this will definitely be crunch time.”

Affordable Housing Specialist, Cathy Boyce speaks to CBC about the In From The Cold Campaign.


“The Race is On”: Read the update on the In From The Cold Campaign, in The Telegraph Journal, Dec 10th 2021


43% Of Kids live in poverty on Campobello: Heather Atcheson discusses the unique challenges within Rural Communities with the Telegraph Journal, Dec 4th 2021


Read the Article: HDC’s Executive Director, Randy Hatfield discussed the Minimum Wage increase in this The Telegraph Journal, Dec 3rd 2021



Shift NB: Listen to a Commentary from the Human Development Council, and the Canadian Federation of Independent Business on the upcoming Minimum Wage Increase.


Minimum Wage Increase: Read commentary on the $2/hr increase to combat New Brunswicks ‘downright embarrassing’ minimum wage.


“We owe it to them to ensure their families can prosper, and give them the start in life that they deserve”

Read the editorial discussing how raising the minimum wage can lower child poverty in New Brunswick The Telegraph Journal, Dec 2nd 2021



Child Poverty Update: Heather Atcheson discusses the significant differences in Child Poverty Rates in New Brunswick with The Telegraph Journal, Dec 1st 2021



One in Five Living in Poverty: Heather Atcheson discusses the Child Poverty Report Card with  The Telegraph Journal, Nov 25th 2021


Saint John Child Poverty: Heather talks about the Saint John breakdown of the Child Poverty Report Card with Julia Wright on Information Morning.


Read the Article: Cathy Foote talks with the CBC about the In from the Cold Campaign, a campaign addressing a growing homelessness problem by opening up space in shelters and offering people who are homeless some support through a host of local partner organizations.


The Human Development Council Launches the In from the Cold Campaign, aiming to house 30 people by Christmas.  Read more at The Telegraph Journal- November 23rd,2021


Jael Duarte, NB Tenant’s Coalition’s Tenants Advocate discusses a recent flyer released by the Apartment Owner’s Association

Living Wage: HDC’s Executive Director, Randy Hatfield speaks with CBC’s Jonna Brewer on the recent Living Wage report. 

Living Wage: HDC’s Executive Director, Randy Hatfield speaks with CBC’s Jeanne Armstrong on the recent Living Wage report. 

Living Wage: HDC’s Executive Director, Randy Hatfield speaks with CBC’s Julia Wright on the recent Living Wage report. 


Living Wage: Heather Atcheson, Social Researcher discusses the Living Wages in New Brunswick 2021 report.

Vaccine Passport?: We discuss the impact of vaccine passports on those with less access to resources and technology in this Telegraph-Journal article.

Social Assistance Reform: We talk with Vanessa Vander Valk on the Social Assistance Reform, and what this means for those currently receiving this benefit.

Living Wage: The Human Development Council’s Living Wage report is discussed in this Telegraph-Journal Commentary.

Surviving the Streets: Saint John pamphlet offers support for the homeless – HDC’s Jaidyn Jaidyn McCarty and Greg Bishop share news about Surviving the Streets. 

Press Release: UYES! Program Receives More Federal Support

There will be 15 affordable housing units for youth opening up at 105 Prince Edward St, formerly a co-working space The Wheelhouse of Waterloo Village. Our own Callie Mackenzie and the TRC’s Amelia Bernard, speak with host Julia Wright about this special new project. 

Check out this interview with Amelia Bernard and our very own Callie MacKenzie about an exciting new housing project for youth!

CBC News article “Living wage for Fredericton over $20 an hour, says anti-poverty group” on our April 2021 Living Wage report “Living Wages In New Brunswick 2020”. 


Chelsea Driscoll, Social Researcher discusses Living Wages in New Brunswick 2020 with Julia Wright on CBC’s Information Morning – Saint John, and with Jonna Brewer on CBC’s Information Morning – Moncton.


32 organizations throughout New Brunswick have signed a letter to the premier stating concern over housing conditions in the province. Randy Hatfield, HDC’s executive director, and Penni Eisenhauer discuss the issue with Julia Wright on CBC’s Information Morning. 

Chelsea Driscoll, Social Researcher discusses the 2020 Child Poverty Report Card with Julia Wright on CBC’s Information Morning. Mary LeSage, Operations Manager, P.U.L.S.E. provides insight into the current state of child poverty from her perspective living and working in Saint John’s South End.

Michael MacKenzie, Systems Planner, speaks with Rachel Cave about Saint John’s 10% reduction in chronic homelessness and the community’s plans to further reduce chronic homelessness through prevention and diversion in 2021.


Cathy Boyce, Affordable Housing Specialist, speaks with Andrew Cromwell about the new affordable housing development being undertaken by Housing Alternatives and the need for access to more affordable housing in Saint John.