Surviving the Streets: Saint John pamphlet offers support for homeless – HDC’s Jaidyn Jaidyn McCarty and Greg Bishop share news about Surviving the Streets. 

Press Release: UYES! Program Receives More Federal Support

There will be 15 affordable housing units for youth opening up at 105 Prince Edward St, formerly a co-working space The Wheelhouse of Waterloo Village. Our own Callie Mackenzie and the TRC’s Amelia Bernard, speak with host Julia Wright about this special new project. 

Check out this interview with Amelia Bernard and our very own Callie MacKenzie about an exciting new housing project for youth!

CBC News article “Living wage for Fredericton over $20 an hour, says anti-poverty group” on our April 2021 Living Wage report “Living Wages In New Brunswick 2020”. 


Chelsea Driscoll, Social Researcher discusses Living Wages in New Brunswick 2020 with Julia Wright on CBC’s Information Morning – Saint John, and with Jonna Brewer on CBC’s Information Morning – Moncton.


32 organizations throughout New Brunswick have signed a letter to the premier stating concern over housing conditions in the province. Randy Hatfield, HDC’s executive director, and Penni Eisenhauer discuss the issue with Julia Wright on CBC’s Information Morning. 

Chelsea Driscoll, Social Researcher discusses the 2020 Child Poverty Report Card with Julia Wright on CBC’s Information Morning. Mary LeSage, Operations Manager, P.U.L.S.E. provides insight into the current state of child poverty from her perspective living and working in Saint John’s South End.

Michael MacKenzie, Systems Planner, speaks with Rachel Cave about Saint John’s 10% reduction in chronic homelessness and the community’s plans to further reduce chronic homelessness through prevention and diversion in 2021.


Cathy Boyce, Affordable Housing Specialist, speaks with Andrew Cromwell about the new affordable housing development being undertaken by Housing Alternatives and the need for access to more affordable housing in Saint John.